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Round The ways

by Dave Chami | May 09, 2009 | | Leave a Comment

Brothas from the same mother, Stephen and Corey Duffel

Sucka Free

Or at least that’s what he claims..

I guess this rail’s a goer!

For 364 days Santa is putting up tags to build the hype

I’m hoping he’s not responsible for this one

Ryan Lay custom grip art




by Dave Chami | Feb 07, 2009 | | 1 Comment

Harmonica Man

White Xmas for the Fosters

Tahoe Serenity

Oh to be 4 years old again

We ran into one of Karl’s old schoolmates, unfortunately he rides a segway kicking skateboarders out of spots all day. Whatever happened to walking?

Ray Ray’s spotbook is like a Porno mag, you just can’t decide which one you’d prefer

Cairo does pitcrew for Bobby while Bobby checks his injuries

Big Red, down but not out


I had 5 Slaves sleeping in my lounge who all decided that they wanted to look like their ringleader

Night night Grandpa


From the road

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Dog Tags

Serenity at Rush Hour


Kink Xmas Party, wow!!

Just a couple of Cowboys having a good time

James Atkin and his new buddy

Bmx Banditos

Ray Ray in the thick of it

Patented Chami sunshade, email me for a quote

Potential Blowout



by Dave Chami | Dec 16, 2008 | | 1 Comment



by Dave Chami | Nov 18, 2008 | | 1 Comment

Dennis Durrant beasting his way towards a 9 frames sequence

Brothers Gonna Work it out

Daryl Angel’s Swellbow

Jack Curtin with a little street meat

Ran across this on a wall in Berkeley. RIP

Couple of ratbags

Asian Gamblor

Hottest Chick in the bar

Dan Pensyl

The only way to get on an even keel after a 2 week diet of Beer and Gas Station Food


Top Kiwis

by Dave Chami | Oct 16, 2008 | | 4 Comments

Lee Ralph

Andrew Morrison

Chey Ataria

Justin Watene

Secombe Watene

Brett Chan

Arana Turner (RIP)

Levi Hawken

Bernie Foo

Pedro Day

Ryan Wilson

Glenn Wignall

Bjorn Johnston

Dan Kircher


Tit for tat

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One of these

For a banger of this guy

Who’s complaining?


SD in the East Bay

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Jimmy Carlin is sporting one hell of a moustache!

Brockman is sporting a Gold Toof

Duffel is sporting a broken pinky toe

TM Cuong sporting OCD

This kid claimed he was a better skater than all of us

Osiris Cinematographer Russel Houghton sporting his directors chair



by Dave Chami | Oct 04, 2008 | | Leave a Comment

Just returned from 2 weeks in Australia with Matt Mumford, Jon Goemann, Anthony Schultz, Andrew Currie, and Jack Fardell. We skated Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Canberra. The rules in Australia are that you are either on your board or you have a beer in your hand. Here are some snapshots from the trip.

Goemann and Brisbane Local Dave Harris enjoy a couple of cold ones while Schultz works on a trick

This lot came by with the weekly shopping, a bbq, cartons of brew, and slabs of meat

Mumford eyeing the talent outside Sydney Uni

We had a pub meal with Chima and the lads at the Shakespeare Tavern

Mumford Getting Choccy

Fardell Creeping on Cuzza’s RDO

We ran into this bloke who was proper maggot (He’s pouring a Bacardi Breezer into his Salad)

This is his signature move to scoring with the ladies, the Johnny T slide. Would you believe he is a midwife! Apparently he shows up to the hospital so hungover sometimes, he has to put himself on a drip and oxygen!

Mumford claiming seniority on the ride home (This is completely legal in Oz as long as the driver is sober)

This is Shifty’s skate shop owner and skateboard artiste Jim Fowlie with his handmade Coopers Board

Goulburn’s Big Merino, Front and Back

It doesn’t get any better than a sunny day at Bondi Beach

Schultz’s shoes at the end of a 2 week trip, not because Adio doesn’t give him plenty but cause this is how he likes them.


A Day with Staba

by Dave Chami | Sep 12, 2008 | | 1 Comment

Warm up at the racetrack

Golden ticket

They’re off

An adult beverage to calm the nerves

Before heading back to skate mental HQ

Trimming the approach

Ride at your own risk

Click below for video insanity